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yummy new girl! not sure where it's going... it'll be interesting to find out...

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Rocks and Water by Deb Talan

Angry and annoyed
Fuck entitled straight white men who think they understand minority issues when they really don't. I don't think all straight white men are ignorant about the issues, but I can't fucking stand the ones who are but truly believe they are worldly and knowledgeable about racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, etc. When you enter a debate about minority issues, fucking understand your limitations as a member of the world's most privileged fucking contingent before subjecting everyone else to your closed-minded and sheltered opinions.

I've noticed that this - embarassingly - is a problem in higher education. So many assholes think that because they've "made it this far", ie. have had the privilege to go to college and then continue on to graduate school, that they are automatically now one of society's "intellectuals". Thus, by default they are aware of everything, conscious of everything. This leads to a severe intellectual laziness, especially when it comes to understanding the ever-evolving complexities of classism, racism, ALL THE -ISMS. These privileged pricks think they know everything by virtue of their degree, by virtue of their position in society. GUESS WHAT ASSHOLE. Your pedigree is not an excuse for laziness, nor should it be used as a mask for stagnant thinking.

I feel so fucking upset about what happened with Lawrence King. You know, I heard the news in February when it happened, and I think I must have automatically shoved it into the part of my mind where I put all the disturbing things about the world that I can't handle. This evening, though, as I was idly browsing through a dyke blog I like to read, I found a link to Ellen's message about Lawrence King and hate crimes on YouTube. It prompted me to read more about what happened and... I just feel fucking fucked up about it. When you try to verbalize how devastingly awful thing kind of occurrence is... you're just at a loss for fucking words.


Purpose of this journal
This journal is primarily for me to express my feelings/ideas/frustrations/experiences as relates to being a 20something bisexual woman.

Edit 5/9/09: Scratch bisexual. I'm a gay gay lezzie.


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