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True Blood Season 5
Things about True Blood Season 5 I don't follow yet:

- Why they're investing in this story line about Andy and Judge Clemens.
- If the pact/swear Andy made with Morella will come back to haunt him.
- What happened to Jesus' body.
- Who Steve Newlin's maker is and how he actually became a vampire.
- When/how they'll figure out Debbie broke Russell Edgington out of the ground. (She was covered in cement when she showed up at Sookie's house to kill her.)
- If all these disparate story lines will converge.
- If the teacher who took Jason's virginity will come back. I wonder if she's a supe - they seemed to be paying a lot of attention to her cat.
- If the Terry/Arlene story line is for more than just comic relief. Obviously they're taking it elsewhere but it's still not clear to me why the writers are focusing on Terry's past and this disturbed, pyromaniac veteran.

Deborah Ann Woll is so hot.


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